Wedding Entertainment For During the Day

This is a sequence of pictures, that captures some of our wedding entertainment for during the day. This is totally customized to how you want it, and agreed with you beforehand. We can provide the craziest and wackiest weddings possible, or be more laid back, and formal. The choice is yours. We have the skill, knowledge, and experience to make sure we give you your wedding day, as you want it. Perfect, for you.

This is the feedback :-

What was your event like? Wonderful. Continuous entertainment from the wedding breakfast to the last dance. We wanted a fun wedding where the guests were part of the entertainment and Phil certainly didn’t let us down. He had everyone up on the dance floor and most up on their chairs – and that was in between courses of the wedding breakfast! Brilliant day, couldn’t have asked for better. Many thanks Phil, certainly a memorable wedding and would have no hesitation in recommending for a wedding or indeed any event. Phil will make your day so special. In one word, describe PCRoadshows   Awesome!

Anything to say, tell us here We’ve had so much positive feedback about our wedding, including: “One of the most entertaining weddings we have ever been to”. “Craziest wedding we’ve ever been to” ”Totally the best wedding ever” “Fantastic event” “The best wedding that John and I have EVER been to” “Fantastic nite” “FAB wedding” “A wonderful fun filled day” “Absolutely amazing day” “Brilliant – dancing on the chairs in the afternoon” “Wedding of the year – amazing” “What a day!” “FAB FAB FAB!” …well you get the idea. These sentiments reflect our own – a fantastic and amazing day. Thanks Phil, much appreciated.

S&I_0483 S&I_0484 S&I_0485 S&I_0487 S&I_0489 S&I_0491 S&I_0492 S&I_0494 S&I_0495 S&I_0496 S&I_0497 S&I_0498 S&I_0499 S&I_0500 S&I_0505 S&I_0506 S&I_0507 S&I_0508 S&I_0509 S&I_0511 S&I_0512 S&I_0513 S&I_0514 S&I_0515 S&I_0516 S&I_0517 S&I_0518 S&I_0519 S&I_0520 S&I_0522 S&I_0526 S&I_0529 S&I_0530 S&I_0531 S&I_0532 S&I_0533 S&I_0534 S&I_0535 S&I_0536 S&I_0537 S&I_0538 S&I_0539 S&I_0540 S&I_0541 S&I_0542 S&I_0543 S&I_0546 S&I_0547 S&I_0548 S&I_0550 S&I_0551 S&I_0552 S&I_0553 S&I_0554 S&I_0555 S&I_0557 S&I_0558 S&I_0559 S&I_0561 S&I_0564 S&I_0565 S&I_0566 S&I_0567 S&I_0569 S&I_0571 S&I_0584 S&I_0593 S&I_0604 S&I_0605 S&I_0606 S&I_0607 S&I_0608 S&I_0609 S&I_0610 S&I_0611 S&I_0622


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