Terms and conditions

1. – Booking details

1.1 – The Client shall ensure that all details given of the venue are correct and if The DJ inspects the venue & finds any differences The DJ will report to the client to resolve this matter.

1.2 – There will be adequate set up time available usually 90 minutes before the start time of the event and 60 minutes after the event to break the set down. The Client should indicate what access is available, stairs, lifts, Car parking etc.

1.3 – The Client and The DJ both confirm that there is no third party interest on the booking and no previous bookings of these dates for this event.

1.4 – Paying a booking fee for your event or function if requested is a 100% binding guarantee of contract. Any non-payment could allow us to change our work schedule without prior notice.

1.5 – PCRoadshows will protect your data at all times, and will only use to request feedback for your event. It will not be used for anything else without permission 

2. – Payments

2.1 – If you would like to pay by cheque please make it payable to “PCRoadshows Entertainments Ltd” and write your surname and the date of your event on the back. This needs to be done 14 days before the event, and is only with prior agreement. A cheque will not be accepted on the night, and if produced, an alternative payment method must be found. We reserve the right to not provide the hired service if this alternative method of payment is not found. 

2.2 – If paying By Bank Transfer If you use Internet Banking you can make a payment straight into our bank account via BACs. If paying by this method please ensure you include your surname and the date of your event as a reference.

2.3 – Any remaining payments must be paid in full in cash at the beginning of your event, unless prior agreed.

2.4 – Non-payment of any fees owed within 30 days after the date of the event will result in legal action.


3. – Cancellations

3.1 – The DJ will be holding your date exclusively for you and will turn away all other work.  The potential loss of work in the event of a cancellation is real and tangible therefore The DJ will charge a cancellation fee.  Cancellations must be made in writing or by e-mail to bookings@pcroadshows.com.  No telephone cancellations can be accepted.

3.2 – If The Client cancels within 30 days prior to the event the cancellation fee is 100% of the balance outstanding,  cancellation with 60 days will result in 50% of the agreed fee, but cancellation before then the only penalty will be the loss of the pre-paid booking fee.

3.3 – The DJ will try to fulfil its obligations in the event of unforeseen circumstances by any other means should this be necessary.

3.4 – If the client cancels the service they booked, we reserve the right not to change this to another service if requested, this will be at our discretion.

4. – Conduct

4.1 – It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that all guests conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times. The Client must be responsible for all guests and their actions.

4.2 – The Client will provide adequate supervision of its guests, including children, at the venue, and will be liable for any loss of or damage to the The DJ’s equipment or personnel belongings, caused by guests attending the function.

4.3 – No violent, aggressive or abusive behaviour from anyone under any circumstances will be tolerated, and The DJ reserves the right to terminate the disco at any time if any personal safety is under threat. The DJ does not take responsibility for ejecting any unwanted persons from any venue. The Client will be advised of any problems arising in this respect with any guests.

4.4 – In the event of a minors function there must be the legal ratio of responsible persons to minors.

4.5 – The DJ will act in a fully responsible attitude at all times, during his attendance to the venue, it will set up and run as requested by The Client unless the legal requirement is different which will be pointed out and stated.

4.6 – The DJ will be responsible for producing certificates of Public Liability Insurance (PLI) and Portable Appliance Testing (P.A.T).

5. – Security

5.1 – The Client will be responsible for the safety and security of any theft of items of The DJ.

5.2 – The DJ is not liable for any damage on the venue; any potential hazard must be pointed out by the client or the venue staff at the time of set-up.

5.3 – The Client is also responsible for any damage to The DJ’s equipment caused by any person at the event. The Client will be charged for the full cost of any repairs required. The Client will be advised of any damage as soon as it is caused.

6. – Health and Safety

6.1 – The DJ will adhere to all rules and regulations of the HSE EAW Act 1989, to which The Client must also adhere to the above and adhere. Subject to failure to conform to the above act The DJ cannot take any further part of the event and the full amount of the event has to be paid.

6.2 – In the event of fire, flooding, public disturbance, terrorist activity or any other threat to the public, The DJ will not be responsible to help in any way or evacuate any venue or building where he is present and / or working within, unless the fire regulations for the venue specify otherwise. This would usually incur a vocal announcement.

7. – The Venue

7.1 – The Client will allow suitable time for the installation and dismantling, and removal of equipment (minimum of one hour).  The Client also ensures that safe and adequate power is available. The DJ will ensure that any equipment that requires connection to a power source is electrically safe and conforms to the HSE EAW Act 1989, and any amendments thereafter.

7.2 – The Client must ensure that the entire venue has all relevant licences, and conforms to all the local bye-laws as The DJ cannot perform in a venue that has not got all required licences.
7.3 – The Client must ensure that there is adequate parking for The DJ on the night for off loading and loading of the equipment, in a safe and secure manner. Should there be items stolen during this procedure it is the responsibility of The Client.
7.4 – If the performance start time is delayed due to the inability of The DJ to gain access to the performance area, or any other delay beyond The DJ(s) reasonable control, The DJ will not be liable for any refund whatsoever.

7.5 – If you are booking other entertainment (e.g. Singer, comedian, band etc) as well as hiring ourselves, please consider & think about the amount of space available and where The Client is going to put the disco. Speaker location is usually best if it is no greater than 10 metres either side from the position of the presenter. If any external suppliers insist they use the DJs equipment, then there is a hire fee of £100 to cover extra insurance costs. 

7.6 – The DJ also reserves the right to refuse to continue any event prior to the start should there not be sufficient floor space which would not allow the audio / lighting equipment to be assembled safely.

7.7 – The DJ reserves the right to substitute alternative entertainment should uncontrollable circumstances dictate the need to do so. The DJ will be responsible for producing certificates of Public Liability Insurance and P.A.T. Testing carried out on our equipment. We will not be responsible for any damage or loss to private or public property caused by invited guests or members of the public.

7.8 – It is the client’s responsibility to inform PC Roadshows of any noise restrictions at the venue such as noise limiters or a requirement to use any in-house sound system.  In the case where this information has not been provided in advance, it is at the DJ’s own discretion as to whether to continue with the disco where this information has not been provided. In this instance, no refund will be due by the DJ. If the DJ does agree to use an ‘in-house’ audio system the DJ does not accept any responsibility for it whatsoever. The client accepts responsibility for such equipment and any charges made by the venue for any damage.

7.9 – It’s the clients responsibility to make PC Roadshows aware if there are stairs at a venue, or if the hire room is above ground level. They also need to inform PC Roadshows if there is no lift in said venue. PC Roadshows reserves the right to cancel, on the night if needed, any services above ground floor, with no lift, unless this has been previously agreed with the client, with no refund. 

7.91 – When a dry hire is undertaken, it is the hirers responsibility to keep the equipment safe, and working. Any damages that occur during such hire, are the responsibility of the hirer, and must be paid for in full, regardless of any insurance the PCRoadshows have. 

8. – Refreshments

8.1 – As The DJ works very unsociable hours we ask if non alcoholic drinks & food could be supplied. Please do not offer alcoholic drinks whilst our staff are on the venues premises.

8.2 -. All bookings should be taken on the understanding that the venue is in possession of the necessary entertainment & liquor licenses. The DJ is not responsible if the venue is found to be in breach of the terms of their license.

If you would like further clarification of what any of the above means or you are unsure of any of our terms please contact PCRoadshows Entertainments Ltd. 

9 – Sparkly Dance floor 

Care of the Premises/Dance Floor and Equipment

In order to protect the dance floor, appropriate dance shoes must be worn at all times in used at all times.

No food or drinks of any kind are permitted on the dance floor. These may only be consumed in the seating areas. Any liquid spillages must be mopped up immediately, as they will cause serious damage if absorbed into the floors. Client is responsible for ensuring your DJ on the evening makes regular announcements to prevent such damage.

Clients are advised not to tamper with the dance floor at any time. If for any reason the dance floor stops performing then the client must contact our office for support. If we find the dance floor has been tampered with then we have the right to remove and the client will be liable for any damaged caused.

The Client must be aware that it is there responsibility prior to booking the Dance Floors to ensure the size booked will fit your venue. Once at the venue the Company PCRoadshows will only lay a floor size big enough to cater the space provided by the venue. If this area is smaller than the floor size you are contracted to then no refund or monies back will be due to the client. Full fee is payable once dance floor arrives at the venue location.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they request a copy of the company PCRoadshows Public Liability if the venue requires such documents prior to the event and delivery of the Dance floor. Once the dance floor has arrived full payment is due from the client. If the venue refuse the dance floor for any reasons regarding no evidence of public liability insurances the fee contracted to the Client will still be payable to the company PCRoadshows.

All Dance Floors will be collected at 1-3am on the evening of each event please ensure your venue is aware of these times and access is granted. Failure to gain access the Client will be charged £25 per hour thereafter until access for pick up, unless prior agreed.

The Client must agree a set up time no later than a week prior to your event. We the Company will ensure the technician is on site at this time unless unforeseen circumstances, we will always contact the venue if for any reason the engineer is running late. Once the engineer is on site the Dance floor must be set up at the times contracted.

Under no circumstances should any Client or Venue move or De-Rig any Dance Floors without Company permission. If the Dance floor is for any given reason and damage is caused then the Client will be responsible as to the Venue/ Persons to repair or fully refund the cost of the Dance floor. All Clients have a responsibility to ensure your venue is aware of our terms.

As the floor is electrically controlled there may be times when the circuit is cut this will hinder the lighting control and may cause the Dance floor to stop working. If this incident occurs you must contact our office, you will not be entitled to any monies back however we will endeavor to seek out the problem and restore the floor back to working order within one hour.

Furniture-Tables, Chairs or any form of furniture is totally forbidden on the dance floors. If your dance floor shorts and LED lighting goes off during your event and we have any evidence of furniture being sited on the dance floor you will be liable for damages.

Our engineer will always take photograph evidence of every dance floor once set up in working order. If your dance floor shorts during the event following evidence of fully working order once set up in place you will not be entitled to any form of refund or payment. On investigating the issue for Dance floor shortage if it is evidence any of the above incidents have occurred we the company have the right to charge you a fee to repair any damage.

DAMAGE, LOSS OR THEFT The Company is not responsible for any damage or injury to persons or property caused by the items hired howsoever caused. All Clients and Suppliers are responsible for their own public liability insurance and PAT testing. All Clients are responsible for the hire of equipment and the welfare of their clients and the guest. The client will be liable to pay for any damage of the dance floor and any financial loss due to theft.

The Client will be responsible to inform the venue of their dance floor booking once the dance floor has arrived on site the full fee will become payable. The Company (PCRoadshows) will not be responsible for the décor or flooring in the venue the Client must ensure the venues have agreed to the dance floor being laid upon their venue flooring.

It is the responsibility of the Client to inform us if there is any load in restrictions at the venue high steps, steep hills, no lift access. Failure to do so may result in the dance floor not being able to access the venue if this occurs full fee will still remain applicable.

Clients will be liable to pay for damages to the dance floor if they do not adhere to the above terms and conditions.


In the case were the dance floor is required to stay in storage or at a venue over night or longer then it is the responsibility of the client to ensure the dance floor is in a safe secure premises and that the dance floor is fully turned off on the evening of the contracted date. It is the full responsibility of the client for the dance floor whilst at the premises and the client will be fully responsible for the dance floor going missing or and damage that may occur.

The company reserves the right to terminate any contract with immediate effect, without any notice, if in the opinion of the company any of the above terms have been breached. The decision of the company with regard to any such breech will be final and not open to challenge.

 Please note that if we introduce and/or negotiate and you accept engagements from us, then these are the Terms of Business that will apply to our trading together .

10- Complaints Procedure

If a client has an issue, they should in the first instance raise the issue with Phil Colbert

Every effort will be made to resolve any matters.

Issues raised will be dealt with within the following appropriate framework:

A      Clients should put the complaint in writing. Any complaint will be discussed

         between client and Phil Colbert the managing director.  Phil Colbert will meet with all parties

         involved to try to resolve the matter.

B       If the complaint cannot be resolved immediately, Phil Colbert will investigate

         the complaint further and let the client know the outcome asap.

At all points throughout these processes the client will be kept informed

of progress.

We reserve the right to legally challenge any negative social media reviews until the above process had been done. If the customer fails to go through the above process then they are not in acceptance of the terms and conditions of booking, and agree to take any negative comments off social media.


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