Race Nights

A Night at the Races

Race nights are fun entertainment for all whether you are looking to hold a fun night of entertainment or raise money for a charity.

Before each race bets are placed then the race is shown on a large screen, commentary is included to provide a realistic atmosphere. Those that have backed the winning horse cash in the bets; so simple anyone of any age can play.

Our race nights come with everything needed for a fun night at the races :-

  • Choice of Horses, Dogs, Trotting, Afghan Hounds, even Racing Pigs
  • 8 Races
  • PA System
  • LCD Large Screen Projector
  • Computerised TOTE Betting System
  • Professional Compere

The only thing you need to provide is 2 Tote ticket sellers to sell the betting slips.

Race nights are a fantastic form of entertainment for any of the following evetns.

  • Charity Fundraisers
  • Cooperate events
  • Themed entertainment nights
  • Sports presentations
  • Sportsman evenings / Dinners

Why not include a PC Roadshows DJ to carry on the party after the races have finished.

Sample Horse Race
Sample Pig Races
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