WibbleJelly Games

WibbleJelly games are a great way to entertain guests young and old at any event or celebration. Each game is a modern take on classic arcade-style games, all can enjoy simple to-play and highly addictive WibbleJelly Games. 1 and 2-player games are available, add prizes for the highest scores for a little added competition.

WibbleJelly Games by PC Roadshows are great way to keep guests entertained at a wedding filling gaps during the day, fun entertainment during any evening celebration, kids parties, family fun days, school fayres, corporate events, trade shows. Whatever your event WibbleJelly games will be a perfect addition.

The three fun games we have are:-


Splat is a fun 2 player game testing competitors’ hand/eye coordination and speed. Each player has a set of lights that light up one at a time, the aim of the game is to press the button and turn off the light before your opponent. The faster you press the faster the lights, and the quicker you are the more points you get.


Kaboom, based on the classic game of Mastermind is a one-player game testing your memory skills and speed. You have 90 seconds to get from the bottom of the board to the top. Press one of the four buttons, if it lights up green move up to the next line. Get it wrong, it’s back to the bottom to start again.


Who doesn’t love a game with a big red button? The concept is simple. A white light chases up and down, all you have to do is stop the light on the centre line, with 60 seconds on the clock you have to stop it as many times as you can. Each time you get it right however the lights get faster and faster.

Why not have your own arcade/games area by combining the WibbleJelly games with our Interactive Games Floor, Photo Booths and Arcade Machines?

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