How much do we Charge?

One of the first things that people want to know is how much we charge.

Before you start scanning through our web site trying to find a price list,
Let us save you the time, We don’t list prices here.


Because it depends on several factors:
•date of the event
•type of event
•location of event
•duration of event
•number of guests expected
•atmosphere you desire
(e.g., more on the laid-back side or on the high-energy interactive side?
Or perhaps some place in the middle?)

The best thing to do would be to review some of the information on the web site first to get a good sense about our services then give us a call directly to find out first if we still have your date available then to discuss the details of your event.

As you are thinking about price

Picture this
Let’s fast forward the calendar and imagine you are at your wedding reception
(insert your own harp sounds and blurry screen effects as we time-travel)
This might take a couple minutes to read through,
but bear with us as we paint a picture
for you to consider.

You did it!

You have finally made it through the ceremony and you are now married!
You are so excited for the next phase of your wedding day, the reception.
You have put so much time and effort (and, yes, money!) into your wedding day, now it is time to have a party!

You have your first dance, you are seated to eat, and you stop and look around. What a wonderful sight — friends and family, many of whom have travelled long distances just to be with you today.

You have dreamed about this day wanting this to be the best party you have ever been to so that you can both cherish these memories for a lifetime. You have high expectations for this day that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

The DJ is trying to get the party started and get people dancing. But people are not responding as you hoped they might.

He is trying but somehow does not seem to have much of a flair for being able to read the crowd and create a fun atmosphere with everyone getting involved.

You look around.

Friends and family that you had hoped would be part of your wedding memories by dancing and celebrating with you are, instead, sitting down at their tables. You notice some of them looking at their watches. You sense that they are not just checking on the time out of curiosity but rather are likely trying to figure out how long they need to stay before they can leave without being impolite.

The handful of people who are dancing (mostly your bridesmaids) seem to be doing so more out of obligation and feeling badly for you because nobody else is dancing.

This is NOT the atmosphere you had hoped for. The DJ sees that people are not responding so he thinks that the answer is to play some group-dance songs. He puts on the “Macarena,” “Saturday Night,” “Hokey Cokey,” figuring these are simple dances that people surely will respond to – perhaps that will be what gets people out of their chairs. You see a few people get up to dance but the majority of guests rolling their eyes. You can almost read their minds: “oh no, not this cheesy music!”

The DJ puts on other fun dance songs – even specific songs that you had requested but by now the crowd has been “lost” and people are still not dancing. It’s not just about the songs that are played. It’s also about how the DJ interacts with the guests. It’s about the DJ’s ability (or in this case, INABILITY) as Master of Ceremonies to shape and create the environment and atmosphere you desire. The DJ has not read the crowd well and has not effectively been able to create a fun celebration atmosphere. You had had visions of your wedding reception being THE best wedding reception that everyone would be talking about for weeks, months, and even years later. But instead, your guests are now looking for a polite way to depart. They find their opportunity, smile, shake your hand, thank you for inviting them, and say, “but we have to get going.” One or two couples you might understand, but people are now leaving in droves. You feel the energy level of your reception slipping away.

You get an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach. You think of all the planning, all the details, all the money spent on so many different things, all the effort that you have put into making your wedding day something you always dreamed it would be. Now you realized that the reality of your wedding day is very different disappointingly different than what you had hoped it would be.

You had tried to be wise in your selections of the facility, the food, the dresses, the photographer, the DJ, the flowers, etc. Your decision to hire, not necessarily the cheapest, but a “budget DJ” is something that you are now regretting.

Now stop. Freeze.

Think about this

How much would it be worth to you AT THAT VERY MOMENT if you could have had, instead, a more competent and experienced Disc Jockey and Master of Ceremonies who WOULD be able to ensure that everyone was involved, celebrating, having a fantastic time from the very beginning?

How much more would it be worth to you to have people not just politely thanking you for a pleasant time but coming up to you saying, “this is the BEST wedding reception they have ever been to!”?

Would it be worth a couple hundred pounds? The few more pounds that you thought you were “saving” by going with the cheaper DJ?

Out of the thousands of pounds that you have invested into your wedding day, people will not remember as many of the particulars about the cheese-and-cracker table, the flowers, the centrepieces, and many other details.

What they WILL remember is how much fun they had. The Disc Jockey and Master of Ceremonies is THE person who will, to a large extent, help shape the atmosphere for your reception.

Many couples have said they realize that the DJ is going to either “make or break” the reception. To cut corners with such an important element is something that some couples do and, unfortunately, many live to regret.

10 Years from now

Ten years from now, when you are reflecting back on your wedding day and your reception, will you be willing to say, “Well, it was an OK party, it wasn’t great but at least we saved a few quid on the DJ”?

Or would you rather have the confidence to KNOW that you are making an investment into memories that you know you will cherish for a lifetime by hiring someone of high calibre?

We are not budget DJs.”
Nor are we the most expensive you could hire.

But you will probably find that our rates are higher than many other DJs. We are equally confident that you will find that the overall value of the service we provide is worth every penny.

To have the confidence knowing that you are hiring an experienced and gifted Disc Jockey and Master of Ceremonies who WILL be able to make your reception into a COMPLETE SUCCESS is PRICELESS.

John and Kelly, a couple who hired us as the DJ for their reception, perhaps sum it up best with this, an exact and direct quote:
“With all the planning that is involved in a wedding, my opinion is that the entertainment is most important. If the food is good, the hall is good, etc., but the entertainment is not, the wedding will not be good. In this case, the entertainment made our wedding extraordinarily good. We could not have asked for a more professional, skilled, or generally pleasant and courteous master of ceremonies. The guests raved about Phil Colbert’s skills and the fun they had. In summary, Kelly and I would not have any other Disc Jockey when we have another function. If you have the opportunity to book Phil, I would do so independent of any cost comparisons between his price and that of other DJs. I would have paid twice as much. Thanks again to Phil for his contribution to our great wedding.” John and Kelly.

We would encourage you to read through some of the other recent comments that we have received. You will see a common thread throughout — that with our services as Disc Jockey and Master of Ceremonies, their events have been huge successes. We would be honoured, as well, to be part of your event and your lifelong memories of your wedding day. Whether you decide to hire our services or not, we encourage you to make your decision for this important role based on the person:
1.with whom you feel most comfortable whom you have the highest degree of confidence
3.whom you are going to be able to trust to take over the reigns of control for your reception, and whom you know will be able to help skilfully turn your reception into the best celebration it could possibly be, and to NOT make a decision based on price alone.
Some factors to consider about our services: •20+ years experience and proven ability as Disc Jockey and Master of Ceremonies
•clients having hired us for their events in all over the country
•recommended by peers and other DJs as a top DJ/MC (in fact, having been hired by over a dozen other Disc Jockeys to DJ their weddings!)
•extensive music library
•high quality professional equipment
•high quality back-up equipment
•fully insured
•member of the National Association of DJs
•part of an emergency response network with other DJs in the area
•recommended by dozens of other professionals (photographers, videographers, wedding coordinators, and function managers)
•and the confidence to KNOW that you are going to be treated to a fantastic party!

The axiom that “you get what you pay for” certainly holds true. But our philosophy and approach is to give each and every client MORE than what they paid for and to EXCEED their expectations!

With our services we are confident that you will NOT be disappointed.

In fact, we are confident that you will be THRILLED!

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