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Twinkly Starlit Dancefloor...

        Create a wow factor that will bring feet to the floor!

     Create a truly wow moment with one of our white sparkly LED Dancefloors. These floors will
     not just compliment your chosen room decoration but
     take it to a whole new level of WOW!
     The LED’s twinkle away creating a stunning centrepiece
     that just gets better and better as the sun sets and the
     room becomes darker, Those LED’s become brighter
     you might even say they draw your guests in to get on
     the floor and move their feet.
     Our dancefloors can be placed on most interior floor
     surfaces. Made from a durable, non slip material, these
     dancefloors transform any venue into somewhere to
     get down and strut your funky stuff.

     Available in a range of sizes from 8ft to 16ft square
     or rectangle they can be used for any size of wedding
     celebration, or even laid out in an aisle configuration
     for your civil ceremony. Our dancefloors are supplied,
     installed, cleaned and taken away at the end of the
     evening by one of our team leaving you with just one
     thing to do….
                Dance the night away!!!
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