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Photo Booth Fun...

       Open Air Photo Booth, Traditional Photo Booth or

      the Magic Mirror Selfie Booth - The Choice is Yours!

     Photo booths really are a fantastic option for any wedding as not only do they allow
     you to obtain some hugely memorable photos from your big day but they also give your
     guests the opportunity to add to the occasion.
     All our Booths come complete with all the Props, unlimited prints and staffed
     through-out. The prints are personalised to your wedding day, available in different
     printout styles and you get a digital copy of  all the pictures. There is also an option to
     have double prints and a guest book as an extra keepsake.

     Your only choice is which style of booth to have...
     Open Air Photo Booth

     The open air photo booth is a large back-drop with a professional photographer. This
     style of booth allows your guests to see all the fun going on and will accommodate large
     group shots.
     Traditional Photo Booth

     If you want the traditional booth style this is the one for you. This booth is ideal when
     you want lots of pictures of smaller groups of 1-4 people.

     Magic Selfie Mirror
     Fun, stylish and modern. This full length mirror takes your picture and then you interact
     with it, add graphics, sign and personalise the photo. Its all in your hands.
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