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Casino Tables

        Red or Black? High or Low? Twist or Stick? Win
         or lose it all on the turn of a card or the spin of
        the roulette wheel. Casino tables are a great way
        to keep your guests entertained and provide a fun
       atmosphere. All our casino table options are staffed
       with everything needed for a fun night at the Casino.
       Croupiers are on hand to operate the games for you
       and for those who have never played before they will
       help and assist teaching your guests how to play. All
       our tables are played using ‘fun’ money which means
            everyone can play… including the kids.

       We have all the classics available Roulette, Black Jack,
      Poker and Spin the Wheel.  At the end of the evening
       the person with the most chips will be declared the
         winner and of course prizes for the winners are
                     supplied also.
      Casino tables are a great way to entertain your guests
         especially during the early part of your evening
      reception and can also be used to fill the gap between
       the wedding breakfast and the evening celebrations.
        They are also great to tie in with a theme maybe a
       few of you went to Vegas on your Stag or Hen Do,
          or maybe you areheading off there for your
       Honeymoon the options and possibilities are endless.
                    Caricature Artist

         A fun alternative and a talking point for any
        wedding day is a Caricature Artist. Whether
        they are walking around during the wedding
       breakfast, at ‘down times’ during your wedding
       day or maybe in the evening as an alternative to
             or even alongside a photo booth.

          A Caricature Artist is a unique, fun and
        informal way of capturing your guests, create
         talking points, atmosphere and of course a
       picture that lasts a lifetime. We have numerous
      options available so please get in contact and we
       can discuss and tailor the artist to your specific
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