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Confetti Cannons
           Imagine your first dance. At just the right moment... Bang! Confetti is raining
      everywhere, the result is an amazing first dance picture. It’s your wedding day, make it
            unique! The Confetti cannon is a fantastic way to create great memories.
       Confetti can be customised in your wedding colours, shapes like hearts, champagne
                       glasses, stars ect. We can also do a confetti drop.

                                   Snow Machines
      Want your first dance to be Magical? The secret is, DON’T TELL YOUR GUESTS and
        then, all of a sudden there’s a trickle of snow from above WOW!! How good and
                                   different will that be?
      We can also operate it at key points in your evening to add another unique component
           to your special day, from providing blizzards to a trickle, the choice it yours!
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