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At PC Roadshows we have developed over many years a unique style of interactive
     entertainment which we believe is ‘like no other’. Our aim is for you and all your guests
     to leave saying ‘that was the best wedding I have ever been to!’

     Services we provide are:-

     Ceremony Music
     Just tell us the songs you want and we will take care of rest. No making CD’s, all perfectly mixed
     together on professional ‘sound systems’.

     Master of Ceremonies / Daytime Entertainment
     As your Host and Master of Ceremonies we will, with you plan your day; take care of all the
     introductions and announcements, ensure your day runs to plan and deliver all this with our
     unique fun style to create an atmosphere and celebration like no other. Why wait till the evening
     to start the party? With our specially designed day-time entertainment we can ensure there are
     no ‘lulls’ during your day and have you singing and dancing long before the evening celebrations
     start. This includes grand entrances, banter and sing-a-longs, amongst other unique ideas, created
     by us.
     Evening Wedding DJ
     All our Professional DJ’s are interactive and will get the party going for you. Using top quality
     sound and lighting systems, stunning set-ups well presented and a vast knowledge of music we
     will fill the dancefloor and keep you partying till the early hours.
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