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Mood Lighting...                                                                      Casino Tables

                         Transform the whole room

      Mood lighting will transform your venue like no other effect or decoration. LED ‘up-lights’ are
       placed to your specific requirements, creating a wide range of effects. Highlight a fire place or
        columns in an old stone building. Turn a plain wall in a modern hotel into a wash of vibrant
       colours, the possibilities are endless. Using the latest LED technology the up-lights are safe as
     they do not get hot and can be coloured to fit in with virtually any colour scheme. Press a button
        and the up-lights can flash or fade. Imagine turning your whole room into the disco lights.

                                                            As with all the services PC
                                                           Roadshows provide, we will
                                                          not only take care of everything
                                                           needed including installation,
                                                            set-up and packing away we
                                                           also have experts on hand to
                                                          discuss and help with the mood
                                                           lighting design, placement and
                                                            colour selection to create a
                                                           truly stunning effect and room
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